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What’s So Great About Hello Audio?

  • 70% of all digital content is being consumed on mobile phones.  Hello Audio helps you reach your customers where they’re at.
  • You Can Easily Create Private Podcasts just from your phone.
  • It’s so easy, i’m teaching my kids how to do it.

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Bonus #2 – Private Podcast Affiliate Case Study

Case Study – Private Podcast Affiliate System 

  • How We’re Using Private Podcasts To Build An Affiliate Business.
  • So Easy My Kids Will Do It

Bonus #3 – Simple Ad System

How To Use Ads To Get Listeners

  • A Simple Way To Use Ads To Get People To Join Your Private Podcast
  • The Landing Pages We Use
  • How You Can Even Do This Without A Website

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Here’s What People Are Saying About Hello Audio

I love all the features that Hello Audio has with private podcasts and they make it so easy.
They also have a great option to join them on Zoom each week to get help and coaching (audio feed Friday) which is super helpful.
I definitely recommend it. There are so many ways to use it!

Hello Audio has changed the way I do business. It is so so good!! I highly recommend this product.
Private feeds really work to deliver content!

LOVE love love this product! SO easy to use, SO incredibly valuable for my membership and the team are super helpful and responsive with any questions.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hello Audio is my favorite software out there! I am mapping out my new course and it will ALL be on my new private podcast. Pure Gold. The weekly live meetups every Friday keep me on track and allow us to be in touch with the creators, beyond pure gold!!✨

“I just added my audio book to a private stream in Hello Audio. It was so fast and easy to setup that I almost cried. (I mean not really because I don’t have tear ducts, but AMAZING!)”

More About Hello Audio

Hello Audio Review (with Demo)

Hello Audio launched in June of 2020 and I showed up late, finally trying them for the first time in 2022. Well, I’m bummed I didn’t find them sooner because this company is awesome. Here’s why.

Why I love the features of Hello Audio
Hello Audio Demo
Hello Audio Discount

If you haven’t heard of Hello Audio, let me introduce them to you. This is a small but mighty California Company with female founders. It is an audio hosting platform for everyone from coaches to course creators, influencers to entrepreneurs, that delivers private feeds of their content.

The brains behind this brand are Dr. Lindsay Padilla and Nora Sudduth. Dr. Lindsay Padilla is an ex-community college professor who wanted to find a way to make learning on the go easier for everyone. You might recognize Nora Sudduth from her work with Russell Brunson on projects like ClickFunnels Certified Partner Program and the ClickStart Coaching Program. In addition to those highly successful projects, she’s designed, created and marketed services, online courses, certification and coaching programs that have generated over $500M in sales.
Now this company is continuing to evolve and grow into the kind of brand that can shake the industry.

Honestly? I’m excited about what Hello Audio is doing.

What is private podcasting?

Why I love the features of Hello Audio

Have you ever bought a course or class only to have it sit on your desktop or home computer? I’ve purchased hundreds of courses. Recently, I had a coach reach out to me to see if I had finished her courses. In a word: No. It’s sad really. The fact of the matter is, we are all so busy. Even when I am home, there are so many other things fighting for my attention. I was so embarrassed I just wanted to unsubscribe from her mailing list. And I know for a fact that I won’t buy another course from her.

As a consumer, it became obvious that there had to be a better way. And I know that, as business people, we want repeat customers. That’s why I love Hello Audio. It allows customers to learn on the go in their podcast player of choice. And when they’re able to complete their courses, it means they are more engaged, will spend more and build stronger connections.

And that’s the beauty of Hello Audio. They turn your content, summit, lead magnet, course, content, coaching or event into private podcasts that get listened to. It’s a win for customers and creators alike.

Hello Audio Demo – How Hello Audio Works

So here’s how Hello Audio works.

First, you take your content (anything from call recordings, event replays, audio books or online courses) and add it to Hello Audio.

Share your valuable information in a simple audio format without all the hoops they’d have at home of finding time, getting on the computer and locating program links and logins.

Know that your clients can easily listen to your private podcast anytime, anywhere using their phone. They won’t need MP3 downloads (whatever those are) or hard-to-remember, inconvenient log-ins.

Celebrate the fact that your content is getting to your clients in an easy way. They can listen to your content while driving to work, washing dishes or as they workout. And when they do that, they are more likely to hear everything you’d been trying to share with them.

Hello Audio Demo

This is an audio content platform. It’s different from other platforms. They are giving course creators, coaches, entrepreneurs the opportunity to build exclusive content for their audiences. They’ve gone beyond private RSS feeds and podcast memberships, giving you access to your audio content in more ways than you’ve probably even thought of.

Start by setting up your feed.

  • Upload your content.
    The nice thing is that if you have created a course, you don’t have to recreate these files, you can upload your video files directly to Hello Audio. You can do a bulk upload of content you’ve already created. It’s fast and simple.
  • Add Your Listeners
    They also have a Zapier integration that allows you to use your API functions with other platforms. An example of why this is important is because if you’re creating lead magnets and want to grow your email list. You can use Hello Audio in integration with ConvertKit to build your email list. Create a podcast that will become a lead magnet to generate an email list.
  • Manage Your Listeners
    Each listener has their own unique link. This makes it super easy to learn about each individual client. Analyze your customers. Hello Audio provides you with a lot of data about your clients. Find out what they’re listening to, if they’re listening to the whole thing, along with other things. They have some neat metrics for you that are different from podcast metrics.

Hello Audio Discount

Did you know that there’s a way to save money on your Hello Audio subscription? Yes! Right now, at the time of publishing this article, there is a Hello Audio discount available.

You can try the Hello Audio system for Free for 7 days and you don’t even need to input your Credit card.

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Hello Audio Bonus

Did you know that Hello Audio also has someone on their team that does demo calls? So, if you don’t understand how this platform could help your business or you’re not exactly sure how to do it, you can book a call with a representative from Hello Audio who can walk you through it. Pretty cool right?!

They also have videos and tutorials to show you how Hello Audio works. They’ve made it super easy to get started.

And if you join Hello Audio today through our link you will get our 3 exclusive bonuses.

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So if you’re ready to Quickly turn your content into private podcasts your audience can listen to on-the-go. More consumption means higher engagement, more sales, and stronger connections.

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